Class Room

Classroom’s are spacious well ventilated, lighted and well Furnished with teaching and learning aids (Charts, Audio visualsaids). Each class room has green writing board for the soothing effect on the eyes of the students while learning and bulletin boards for displaying information and material related to current weekly syllabus. Medical aid, Telephone, Generator, cool water, fans, computer, convenes etc.

Co-curricular Activities

Library, sports, games, computer education, typing debates competition, music, educational tour etc.

Student Care

School believes in strong bonding between a teacher and a student. To propagate national unity and integration all over India, highly qualified and devoted staff has been appointed to abridge the cultural gulf and diversity, also to add experience of different culture to our student, student teacher ratio. These will be maximum 30-35 students in a section and student teacher ratio is not more than 1:15.


To enable self study feeling among students enrich library and news papers reading room facility is provided in the school in which literature, religious and political books and apart from daily, weekly and monthly news paper.

Smart Classes

The audio visual learning program enable the students understand concepts in a finer way resulting in life-long learning.

Healthcare Facility

Incentive care take for student’s health. Meticulous health record of all students are maintained and in rare cases of serious illness, the student is immediately to the hospital and the parents and local guardians are informed. The school ordinarily takes all precautions for the safety of their students. We assure you thought, that all possible care is taken at every instance. Parents are requested to keep the school authorities informed of any specific medical requirement of their ward. Read More on Healthcare facilities

Student Safety and Security

Safety of students and teachers is one of our utmost priority and we have efficient disaster management team that monitors school’s security and safety 24X7 and 265 days a month. Read more on our safety and security page.

Other Facilities

Additionally we have, Building with all Modern Amenities, Highly Qualified, Dedicated & Inspiring Faculties, Well Equipped Math, Science & Computer Lab, Regular Counseling Sessions with Students and parents, Regular Tour & Music Academy, Dance & Music Academy, Parent’s school communication through Multi SMS & Internet, Efficient Transport Facility, Indoor multipurpose Hall.