1. A Student will be admitted on merit, based on the admission test result, interview and subject to number of vacancies in a class the decision of the selection committee will be final.
  2. The parents are advised to obtain T.C Result card from the previous school and submit at time of admission duly counter signature.
  3. 3.75% attendance in class in essential while appearing in final examination else the student will not be permitted to appear in the examination in any case.

You may fill the form below to apply for admission in any of our 3 campuses,

There will be a parents meet teacher session after the declaration of the result of each examination. Parents must make it a point to collect the report card of their child on this day.

Report cards are issued to parents/guardians only. In case of an emergency where the parents cannot attend, a letter should be give to the bearer who collects the report card.

Report card should be and signed and returned to the class teacher with in two day from the date of the card issued.

Campus 1:
Near R.K. Filling Station, Mauja Chikada, Sadabad Road, Raya, Mathura

Campus 2:
Sophia Higher Secondary School, Raya, Mathura

Campus 3:
Sophia Kids world, Sadabad Road, Raya Mathura

Mob No: 9759537800, 9412280547

Email: sophiapublicschool@yahoo.com

You may also fill the form below to send admission or any other query to school,

Dear Students,

Today we are living in the age of rapid technological advancement and global competition for excellence its not difficult to achieve excellence but to maintain it continuously for a long period of time. This calls for indomitable will power to strive with clear vision to achieve the goal.

The ingredients of accountability, discipline, introspection, self responsibility, coordination and team spirit build the path of our success. Wishing you a bright future of glorious success and happy learning at Sophia Public School.

Dr. R.K. Singh
Ex. Joint Director, A.H Dept. Rajasthan

Founded in the year 2017 Sophia school offers an outstanding progress that is robust in its academic aims, innovative in its instructional approach and vigorous in its pursuit for a group of educationalist, teachers and parents under the umbrella of the ”Sophia Public School Samiti”.

For all parents the education of their children is of the greatest importance and selecting the right school is not an easy task. The benefit of a sound education is one if the greatest gifts you can bestow on your son/Daughter. So to fulfill all the requirement of the students for their best education in their home town.

Sophia Public School Samiti is introducing its star branch at Sadabad road, Raya.

Sophia Public School Raya, Mathura is a co-education English & Hindi Medium School Registered and affiliated by Govt. and situated at Sadabad Road, Raya Mathura UP

The school will run on N.C.E.R.T syllabus open to children regardless of caste creed of religion keeping in view the requirement of the time and in order to equip the children to complete with the best, English & Hindi Medium are Medium of institution.

The aim of the school is to offer conditions which bringing out the best in the student while inculcating in them a sense of justice and fair play. These sentiments are embodies in the motto of the school.